Apothéke nightclub is located in the field of entertainment by 1991 and has had a successful course the night life of Skiathos with many events and parties. Our goal in Apothéke club is to entertain you with our great music suggestions and our team’s positive vibes, to spend our nights and make them unforgettable for you. Since 2016, Apothéke was renewed passing into the hands of the most successful DJ of the island Akis Papaevagelou who has played all over Greece.

Meet The DJ

Dj Akis P

DJ Akis P is the resident DJ of the Apotheke Club Skiathos and the owner. He had a successful career as DJ in Greece and he was performing as guest or resident DJ for some of the most popular nightclubs and parties from 2002 until now. Then he revived Apotheke Club which was one of the oldest nightclub in Skiathos and from 2016 until today hosting parties every night for the summer period.

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Evangelistrias Street
Skiathos, Greece

Our hours

11:00 PM – 7.00 AM
Monday – Sunday

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Phone: +30 6987615959